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General Privacy Policy

No information is collected by this site for anyone who is not a member of a workshop or a client.

The underlying infrastructure may use cookies to improve your browsing experience.  Here's the Wild Apricot cookie policy.  If you prefer to disable cookies, here are instructions to do so in your browser

For people who have chosen to join a writers' workshop, there is a set of Terms and Agreement to sign that specifies what information is kept and what members can do to amend or cause it to be deleted.

For other clients, the only information kept in this system is data required for billing purposes:  name, email, and invoices.  No other client records are kept here.  A client has the right to request that all personal information be removed from the system and that all billing and payment be done by other means. 

This site is built using Wild Apricot infrastructure, and therefore incorporates the Wild Apricot privacy policy.

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