Theano Coaching & Writers' Workshops

Experiences with the Writers' Workshop

"You've really made a great service. I truly appreciate your system and stewardship!" ~ Manu Chatterjee

"I absolutely love these Kathryn! Thank you for being such a gracious host and facilitator!" ~ Sid Efromovich

"Kathryn's writing groups have two super aspects: the participants are sharp and give insightful comments, and Kathryn keeps us efficient and on-track on each call. They've helped me be more consistent about my writing. Thank you, Kathryn!"  ~ Senia Maymin

"Kathryn's amazing. Before her writing class I thought I was a good writer. Now I know that I am on my way to being a great writer... and the difference is astonishing. Thank you, Kathryn!"  ~ Marcia Moran

"I love working with the Writer's Workshop! I've gotten so much out of it. I'm better at giving and receiving feedback, and my writing is getting stronger." ~  M. Scott Ford

It has long been my intention to bring a book into existence. The Theano Writers' Group helps me nurture my idea, get it onto the page, and get feedback that sharpens the thinking process. It provides a forum for which to practice, filled with serious writers who hold me accountable, following an efficient and positive format." ~ Karen Warner

"Writing can be solitary, hard work - and yet also rewarding. Kathryn's writing groups provide support and motivation to writers through their constructive and collegial conversations. I have recommended her writing groups to several people since I started this semester and will continue to sing the praises of her and her groups!" ~ Allison Holzer

"Participating in this workshop has given me more confidence in my writing, motivated me to write more regularly, honed my skill, and tightened my prose. Kathryn creates a safe and trusting space for writers to give and receive feedback that is positive, supportive and true."  ~ Cindy Maher

"The accountability factor keeps me writing on a regular basis. The format of the three questions designed for giving feedback encourages and inspires me! I enjoy the safe space to take risks with my writing."  ~ Lee K Bohlen

"Love this group! I increased my productivity 500%!" ~ Leora Rifkin

"The writer's workshops keeps me going at a pretty good pace as I am writing a book while working full time with a great big job. The feedback helps me improve as a writer and allows me to gain other perspectives about the content and approach of my writing. Over time, the writers come to know one another and provide invaluable support. I can't really imagine writing without the support of such a group." ~ Diane Villwock

"Kathryn creates a supportive environment that is slowly helping me to become more comfortable courageously sharing my writing. It has been a great experience to have accountability to stay on a consistent writing schedule and get regular, supportive, high-quality feedback as I go!" ~ Andrew Brady

"Simple but effective!" ~ Corey Zadik

"I love writing group, it increases my production and quality and I have so much fun in the process. When I make the time for writing I am a better person. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! ~ Jen Grace Baron

"The writer's group has unearthed from me creativity and ideas that never would have existed otherwise. It's made me more courageous and much more capable of building on strengths rather than focusing on criticisms. And I've made deep, lasting connections with people who I wouldn't have met without the writer's group." ~ Update from Genna Douglass

"During my work in this workshop, I have been exposed to engaging minds, actionable feedback, and inspiring writing from other engaging writers. Kathryn, your format, your leadership, and the excellence of the other writers you assemble offers a unique opportunity for me to grow as a writer. I have not only recommitted to my focus on writing in general, but my focus on a specific writing project that I have long wished to complete." ~ Karen Warner

"This writing group was just the structure I needed to put pen to paper with more frequency. I could count on encouragement, insightful ways to improve my pieces, and camaraderie each week." ~ Allison Webster

"I started writing because of Kathryn's Writer's Workshops. It had a profound effect on me that I could not predicted. Mostly, because I shared my writing with friends and family, opening a door for closer relationships." ~ Elena Volnova

"Kathryn Britton's Writers' Workshop helped me address my overactive internal critic by creating a safe space where I am finding my voice as a writer." ~ Brian Branagan

"Kathryn is a skilled reviewer and facilitator, her workshop framework makes for a high impact learning experience!" ~ Jen Grace Baron

"The Writer's Workshop is both a writer's lab that allows you to experiment and develop your writing and a writer's community that supports you through the challenges of writing. It has allowed me to explore different writing ideas, get insightful feedback, and develop my writing voice. If someone has seeds for writing ideas that have been left unplanted, then the Writer's Workshop is the place to cultivate and grow them." ~ Conrad Macalalad

"The writing workshop fuels my creativity and helps me to accomplish my writing goals. The feedback that I receive is on point and helpful for my revision process. The opportunity to review the work of others is also instrumental in improving my own writing. When we look for strengths in others, we are apt to see more in ourselves! Thank you to Kathryn Britton for the expert facilitation and generosity of spirit to inspire me and my fellow writers!" ~ Jan Stanley

"Kathryn's ability to organize AND participate in our writing group makes for great growth in my style, composition and motivation." and  "Simple and profound opportunity to develop my voice along with other voices I love = priceless!" ~ Louis Alloro

"The Theano Writers workshop was a great experience which provided insightful feedback in a professional and congenial community of writers. I appreciated the fact that the writers in my group all had knowledge of Positive Psychology so they could review my work as a "private citizen of the world" and a positive psychology practitioner. A winning combination." ~ Lisa Buksbaum

"Kathryn, I consider what you do to be an art form and you are excellent at working it as such. You put structure, creativity, insight, and presence around the expressive medium of writing. You combine that with other people's opinion's, experiences, ideas, and personalities, sprinkling in playfulness and humorous stories along the way. As a result, I found the workshop to be richer than I expected. I am finishing my first semester encouraged, uplifted, and with more confidence in my writing. Thank you for providing this wonderful place to grow." ~ Trecia Davis

"The writer's workshop helped transform my relationship to writing. I used to stew and worry about my writing before, during, and after I'd create a piece, but I learned to just write from the heart and accept that was enough. I loved the structure of writing a piece every couple weeks. The feedback was invaluable to my competence and confidence as a writer." ~ Breon Michel

"Kathryn's writing workshops have been instrumental in helping me overcome my fear and rediscover the joy of writing. The structure and supportiveness of the writing collective has made me feel inspired and accountable, both to myself and to the members of the group. The thoughtful structure and process of the weekly critique soundly incorporates positive psychology and fosters respect and camaraderie in the group. My fellow writers and their astute commentary has developed my thinking, and it is a pleasure to feel that in the exchange my comments may have assisted others. Most of all, Kathryn's guidance, both as a trusted leader of the group and as a motivating, erudite and knowledgeable writing coach make her and her insights absolutely invaluable." ~ Aren Cohen

"Being in the writer's workshop has forced me to get over my need for perfection. I have learned to submit my work, knowing that the group will help me make it stronger. I have also gained an immense amount of confidence from the feedback I've received, and I've learned to give clearer, more helpful feedback to others. I've written exponentially more while in the workshop than I had months prior. It is one of the best experiences I've had in years, more helpful than some of the degrees I've gotten." ~ Genna Douglas

"Spending the last year in Kathryn's workshop has moved me from being someone who writes, to someone who is a writer. The commitment to the group, the feedback from others, and the opportunity to contribute to others growth has helped me grow in ways I had not expected. Thank you Theano's workshops!!" ~ Kim Carter

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