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Membership TERMS and Conditions 

As a participant of the Theano Coaching Writers' Workshops, I understand and accept the privacy policy described below.

I also commit to my own part in maintaining the privacy of other members.  That means that I will not share information about my fellow members with people outside the community, neither their profile data nor their collected writing.  I pledge to do my part to keep this a community of trust. In particular, I will follow the rules listed below and agree that other members may read my samples unless I request otherwise, given that they follow these rules:

  • Nobody will use anything from anybody else's writing, whether ideas or quotations, without asking permission from the author.
  • Nobody will share any of the writing samples with anyone outside the group without permission from the author.
  • Nobody is obligated to use any feedback that provided either offline or in reviews, so I pledge not to be offended if my comments are not implemented in published versions of drafts reviewed here..

 Privacy Policy


All of the following rights required by the Global Data Protection Regulation are described below.  If you have any questions, please contact Kathryn Britton.

  1. Right of access
  2. Right to rectification
  3. Right to erasure
  4. Right to restriction of processing: 
  5. Right to object to processing
  6. Right to data portability
  7. Right to withdraw consent at any time, where processing is based on consent
  8. Right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority (Kathryn Britton).

Purpose of collecting information

Theano Coaching Writers' Workshops collects data about participants  for the purpose of supporting a community in which members work together to improve writing skills. 

Each member of the community has been involved in at least one writers' workshop since the community started in September 2013. Active members are currently participating in a workshop. Some inactive members are taking a temporary break, while others are finished with workshop participation.  Inactive members may continue to have access to the site as long as they agree with this privacy policy.

The Directory page displays  information about active members.  Each member has a profile that can be used to provide contact information such as writing goals. The minimum data required to be an active member is name and email address.  Information about inactive members is retained in the system but not made visible to anyone but the administrator.  

New writing workshop groups are formed 3 times a year.  When people find themselves in groups with members they have not met before, they can use the directory to learn about each other's relevant experience and writing goals.  Email addresses are also provided in the directory so that members can easily contact each other to arrange for substitutions or to send out late submissions.  Members have to be logged into the system to see this information.

Data Controller

Kathryn Britton is the data controller and data protection officer.  Her contact details are available in the directory that is visible to members once they are logged in.

Sharing Restrictions.  

Agreeing to this policy means agreeing not to share information about other members outside the group.

Participant Rights

You have the right to review your data, fix anything that is not correct, restrict the visibility of any data, or have the information erased completely from the system.

To review the profile data collected about you, log into the system.  Then click on your name in the upper left (1).  You will see a button that allows you to edit your profile (2). You may also click on the Privacy tab (3) to change the visibility of any of your information.  For example, you might choose to have your contact information visible only to the administrator, not to other members.

You also have a page on the site with your collection of submitted drafts. These are made available both to help you track your progress and to enable sharing among members of the community. 

To view your collections page, find your name in the collections pages menu. You have the right to have any content removed if you do not want it to be visible to other members.  The website restricts visibility of your collection page to members logged into the system.  

Right to Withdraw Consent

You have the right to request at any time that your data be removed from the system entirely or that it be visible only to the administrator.  The administrator will respond to your request promptly. To expedite removal, send an email to Kathryn Britton (email address in the directory).  

Data Portability

Data in your profile can be provided to you in spreadsheet form on request.   You can download the information from your collections page yourself.

Data Sources

The data in the system was obtained either directly from you or from publicly available sites such as LinkedIn. 


The information about you in the system will be maintained until you request that it be withdrawn or erased.  The reason for this is that inactive members frequently become active again.  

Further Information

This website is built on Wild Apricot Infrastructure and therefore the terms of the Wild Apricot privacy policy apply.  Wild Apricot is the Data Processor, in GDPR terms.
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