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Theano Coaching LLC provides writing coaching for aspiring authors, either individually or in writing workshops.

One of my personal missions is to help writers develop their personal voices and produce the books, blogs, articles, marketing materials, short stories, biographies, or fiction that they want to have written.  While I do some individual writing coaching, most of this happens in writers' workshops, which are places of:

  • Emotional safety for trying things out and taking chances
  • Effective affirmation where we spend at least as much energy looking for what's already strong as we do looking for what could make a piece even stronger.
  • Honesty and forthrightness, where we help each other develop our authentic voices

See The 1-2-3 Method of Feedback for the way writers' workshops work.

In 2022, I published a book for writers titled Sit Write Share.  From the back of the book:

There is no single writing recipe that works for everybody, but successful writers rely on common ingredients. Play with the experiments in this book to find what works for you. 

  • 13 Sit experiments will help you get your writing started, defeat gremlins, build habits, and find inspiration.
  • 26 Write experiments will help you imagine your message, create a rough draft, and then edit in phases until your polished version emerges.
  • 16 Share experiments will help you get support, publish, and spread your message to those who need it.

Check out the book web site for blog articles and extensive resources. 


Kathryn Britton
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