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Theano Coaching LLC provides the following services.  

  • Executive coaching as a member of the Silicon Valley Change executive coaching network

    Coaches in the SVC network work with executives and senior managers in high tech companies to help them develop management skills, advance careers, and acquire greater influence, all the while achieving greater personal well-being.

    Besides coaching skills, I bring to my coaching 30 years experience as a software engineer for the Navy and IBM as well as an understanding of what helps people excel and thrive from a Masters of Applied Positive Psychology degree earned in 2006.  I taught Managing Project Teams for the University of Maryland graduate Project Management department for 8 years.

    During my last year at IBM, I worked with several teams to enhance performance and well-being using ideas I learned during my masters program  I published a paper about what worked and why in Coaching: An International Journal of Theory, Research and Practice:  Increasing job satisfaction: Coaching with evidence-based interventions. 

    Links to my software engineering and other publications can be found at Kathryn Britton on ResearchGate.
Kathryn Britton

Photo: Lindsay Aikman Photography.

  • Writing coaching for aspiring authors, either individually or in writing workshops.

    One of my personal missions is to help writers develop their personal voices and produce the books, blogs, articles, marketing materials, short stories, biographies, or fiction that they want to have written.  While I do some individual writing coaching, most of this happens in writers' workshops, which are places of:

    • Emotional safety for trying things out and taking chances
    • Effective affirmation where we spend at least as much energy looking for what's already strong as we do looking for what could make a piece even stronger.
    • Honesty and forthrightness, where we help each other develop our authentic voices

    See The 1-2-3 Method of Feedback for the way writers' workshops work.

  • Public speaking. I speak to groups large and small about writing and about a wide range of positive psychology topics.
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