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Open Workshops

This is an experiment.  You are invited to help see if it works.  

If you are new to writers' workshops, please review the description here

Q: What is an open workshop? 
A: An open workshop is an ad hoc gathering of writers for the purpose of reviewing each other's pieces.  It is called an open workshop because when you sign up, you won't know who may sign up after you unless you plan it together.  There may be up to three writers in an open workshop in addition to the facilitator.  The meeting will be held whether there are 1, 2, or 3 people signed up.  If nobody signs up, then the facilitator gets the time back.  Whoever is there is who is meant to be there.     
Q:  What are the rules that I accept when I sign up for an open workshop?
A:  When I sign up for an open workshop, here's are the rules I agree to follow:
  1. I will be satisfied with the amount of feedback I get whether I am the only one who signed up so all feedback is from the moderator or there are other reviewers submitting pieces.
  2. I will submit by noon two days before my meeting.  I understand that if I fail to submit on time, I forfeit my slot without a refund.
  3. If I am accepted from the waiting list because someone else drops out, my deadline is noon the day before the meeting.   I understand that if I fail to submit on time, I forfeit my slot without a refund.
  4. If I register less than 2 days before, I will send in my piece as soon as I register.
  5. I will prepare for and participate in the review of the pieces from other members of the group.
  6. I will not share the pieces I review with anyone else without permission from the author.
  7. My piece will be shorter than 10 double-spaced pages.

Q:  Who will facilitate my workshop?

A:  The facilitator is identified in each open workshop event.  That person will facilitate unless there is a last minute emergency that requires someone else to substitute.

Q: I really wanted to submit on a certain date, but the list is full.

A:  There is a waiting list.  Add your name so that you can be called upon in case someone fails to submit.

Q:  How do I submit?

A: Send to both the facilitator and Kathryn.  The email addresses will come to you in the confirmatio for your workshop.  

Q: Can I see who else has signed up for a particular workshop? 

A: Yes, you can see who else has already signed up, unless the person chooses to be anonymous.  If you look again later, you can see who signed up after you by returning to the event.

Q:  Will I get a calendar invitation?

A: No, but you can use the link shown below to put the event on your calendar.

See Submission guidelines for format suggestions.

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