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Theano Summer Webinar: Sit, Write, Share

  • Thursday, August 27, 2020
  • 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
  • Zoom TBD


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Do you ever find yourself stuck, unable to get words down on paper?

Or do you have a secret you could share about how you get words to start flowing?

This is the fourth webinar in the Theano series.  The question we're addressing is

How do I get past writers' block?  

Brian Branagan once suggested I write a book called Sit, Write, Share, the nudge I kept giving him to get his writing done. While I have plenty to say, I'm not the only one that has good ideas about writing in this community.   In a recent workshop, a participant asked for help.  Many wise suggestions emerged during the group discussion.

This could turn out to be a presentation by me. I know I could fill an hour. But I think it will be much more interesting and helpful if participants bring their own suggestions and questions.


Just not at the same time...
Photo by hannah grace on Unsplash

So here's the way it will work:

  • Register for $10 if you want to listen and learn.
  • Register for free if you have at least one idea that you're willing to share AND you want to come learn.

The recording will become part of our ongoing webinar series.  If you want access to the recording, register for the meeting.  If you can't make the time, send me your idea either for me to read aloud or as a Vlog I can play.

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