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Positive Psychology research over the last 20 years has taught us that there are many things you can do to become happier, more satisfied, and more fulfilled in your daily life.

NEW:  Added to earlier books on resilience and gratitude, I've co-authored a book titled Smarts and Stamina: The Busy Person's Guide to Optimal Health and Performance.  The book includes 50 activities for building better health habits, each including a snapshot of relevant research, a story, and specific activities to help an individual find his or her own best ways to better health.  Click on the book cover to the right to read reviews and order the books.


 Are you an experienced professional with a restless desire to make a bigger difference for good in the world? 

Are you ready to move on from just paying the bills to finding and following your calling?
Or do you think you are in the right place but want to increase your joy and fulfillment in your life, just as it is?
I can help you make powerful shifts in perspective that can give you greater energy, satisfaction, optimism, and meaning in your life. 

Contact me now for a free sample session.  You will finish the session with a new way of thinking about something that weighs you down today. 


When it comes to work, I can help you  
  • identify your strengths and put them to use

  • manage your energy so that you feel zestful, not drained

  • understand your circumstances in new ways

  • take steps to change what needs to be changed

  • increase your resilience towards things that cannot be changed

  • understand why your job satisfaction is important to your organization as well as to you

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Kathryn is a superb coach. She has a unqiue and very optimistic way of looking at things and she imparts optimisim and enthusiasm into everything she does.  J. B.

Kathryn is a tremendous mentor and coach. She helped me understand my strengths and take control of my career situation. She provided extremely helpful advice which helped me find a new position which matched my aspirations and made me happy in my work. A.B.

Coaching helped me realize that I have the answer within or know how to get the answer.  You reflected back how much I have to offer and gave me awareness that I already have a network -- I need to make use of it.  C. M.   

Kathryn is an outstanding leader and a passionate coach, focused on positive psychology and bringing out the best in everyone she meets. She is a joy to work with, both on technical topics and interpersonal team-building topics as well. Kathryn is a good listener, and she always has thoughtful responses which bring true insights to new situations.  L. C. 

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A happy and meaningful life is within reach and I can help you find it ...

  • We create our own stories day-by-day with each decision that we make.

  • We make some decisions rationally but we make a much larger number instinctively and habitually.

  • Improving our habitual and instinctive decision-making contributes to our pursuit of happiness.

  • A general state of well-being is only the beginning of happiness.

  • Deeper happiness comes from energetic engagement in worthy activity and serving something larger than ourselves.


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