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I am writing a book that contains a collection of short experiments that a would-be writer can use to make it easier to

  • Sit:  overcome writers' block, internal gremlins, procrastination, and other obstacles to getting writing done
  • Write:  imagine what needs to be written, write first drafts, and then edit it for publication
  • Share: Work with others to get the writing done and then get it published and publicized. 

Sign up below to be notified when Sit Write Share is published.  Right now the expected publication date is April 23, 2022 (Shakespeare's birthday).  Current progress as of Sept 15, 2021:  I have written and taken through workshop reviews the following experiments:

  • Sit:  13 of 13 experiments
  • Write:  26 of 26 experiments
  • Share: 15 of 16 experiments

The book is in beta review right now.

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