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I serve as a coach, work group consultant, teacher, and public speaker.
As a coach, I work with successful baby boomer professionals who are feeling the restless calling to make a greater positive difference in the world.  
  • Many but not all of my clients are professionals in the Information Technology field.

  • 30 years experience as a software engineer helps me what the challenges and opportunities of that world. 

  • I also form small groups of like-minded people who want to work together on similar goals. 
 As a work group consultant, both independently and as a member of a North Carolina group of experts, MindsThatWork, I help workers figure out how to regain control of their own job satisfaction by 
  • helping team members understand each other better using tools such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and strengths explorations

  • exploring the value of job satisfaction - not just to individuals but also to the organization. 

  • demonstrating minor behavior changes that can make large differences. 
As a speaker, I can explore topics such as gratitude, optimism, resilience, self-regulation, managing human energy, giving effective gifts, and using strengths well.
As a teacher, I am an adjunct faculty member at the University of Maryland Project Management Department and a member of the Center for Applied Positive Psychology in Project Management.   We teach management skills and positive workplace concepts to graduate students.  We also deliver short courses to corporate and public sector clients.


Individual Coaching

Group Coaching

Team Building

Speaking about

  • Optimism
  • Gratitude
  • Energy
  • Flow
  • Resilience
  • Job satisfaction, 
  • And more 


Encouragement: I still remember the time you told me about how many people worry about making the wrong decision and therefore don't make one, vs. those just make a decision and move on. And the ones that just make a decision and stick to it are usually happier. This pops into my head nowadays anytime I have some big decision that comes up -- and probably will for a long time to come.   G.S.

Kathryn has done an excellent job of employing her experience in the hi-tech corporate world and her education in applied positive psychology to help me make sense of the complex politics and multiple agendas that have arisen from a corporate reorganization in 2006. The results have been better relations with my boss and co-workers.  G.F.

Never, never, never did [Kathryn] make anyone feel intimidated or less valuable than any other team member. Nor did she panic or display doubt or fear about meeting deadlines. She always emphasized the positive, always saw the glass as half full, always directed people toward the resources and mindset that would help them grow individually while contributing to meeting team goals.  B.W.

Kathryn is a wonderful mentor and a great person. She has a keen insite into people and situations. She has helped me to look at many situations from different perspectives and make better decisions based on that information. I would recommend Kathryn highly as a professional coach based two things; her experiences in different types of organizations and business situations and the guidance she is able to provide to people trying to work through difficult work situations.  K. G. 

Had lots of good/interesting ideas. Gave me actions and homework to perform. Good research and 'to think about' information. Have gone back several times and reread material. Good ideas for changing behavior.

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Why 'Theano Coaching'?


For the curious wondering about the name of this coaching service:

Theano was a Greek mathematician in the 5th century BC best known for the Golden Rectangle, so called because you can remove a square section and the remaining area is also a golden rectangle, a process that can be repeated indefinitely.

Theano was also a successful businesswoman running a noted academy of mathematics after the death of her husband, Pythagoras. 

Thus Theano represents two major benefits of coaching:
  • the beauty of things in balance 
  • success in practical matters


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